• Francine Scialom Greenblatt

    Francine Scialom Greenblatt

    Francine Scialom Greenblatt (born 1951 Cairo, Egypt) shares a private universe in the most compelling, painterly manner. At the core of her work, FSG sees eroticism not simply as a sexual activity, or as the biology of reproduction, but rather as a psychological quest.


    Francine has shown her works at over 106 prestigious art shows, galleries, stage sets and public spaces around the world, including Basel Art Fair, South Africa National Gallery and La Galerie Lavignes Bastille. Her work has been featured in noteworthy publications such as; The New York Times, Art Review, Le Figaro and Cape Times.


    As a self-proclaimed artist/voyeur, Francine invites you to become an active participant, bound in the hope of shared experience.

    "Clearly, we are in the presence of an arresting talent, and there is no question that with this American debut exhibition, Francine Scialom Greenblatt has entered into the mainstream of the day’s most personal and expressive forms of art."

    - John Gruen Art critic

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