BIANCA. 2021. Linocut, acrylic on paper. 35x44cm
July 9, 2021

In the knowledge that art exists as a virtual approximation or simulacrum in general, my approach to printing is different in the sense that the actual, physical production is of primary concern rather than its dissemination.


Whether traditional woodcut or linocut, I transform images in conjunction with other media, exploring all the ‘what ifs’ that colour, texture or scale can offer to create a new reality. Ultimately, in combination with pencil, ink, watercolour or acrylic, each work is a stand-alone where the ‘hand’ is ever present. This is contrary to the traditionally accepted notion of reproduced editions.


My practice underscores the immediate and direct relationship between self and surface in dialogue with the event, both intuitively and cerebrally,

Printing however is a much slower process with the resulting image emerging in reverse.

Although cognisant of this fact I am constantly surprised by the outcome. Notwithstanding solid advance preparation, the unexpected result leads me to explore new possibilities and relationships between the image and its doppelganger.


Although of varied and of different dimensions, a body of ten works began with the identical single linocut print. Sharing a common progenitor, paint trumps print here, creating images that suggest a common DNA but retain a particular identity of their own.

Bianca is amongst the works that hopefully bring together the passion for painting with the discipline of printing. The title references the colour of the line (white in Italian) with which calligraphic marks described the reclining nude. Bordered by a vivid green, the burgundy ground seems to recede into the background.






About the author

Francine Scialom Greenblatt