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Feb 24, 2021
New Beginnings in progress. Acrylic on Fabriano paper.76x56cm
New Beginnings in progress. Acrylic on Fabriano paper.76x56cm

New Beginnings.

We’ve all been challenged in ways never before imagined over the last year. The pandemic forced us to re-evaluate, re consider and reinvent ourselves to survive both personally and collectively. Fortunately, science and technology have offered a get out of jail card auguring better days ahead as daffodils remind us of Spring renewal. I hope that lessons learnt will help us create a wiser and more mindful society, redressing past assumptions with added vigour.

Together with many others, I’ve engaged with technology as never before. The dinosaur me has had to de fossilise quickly, waking to a completely new reality. Irrespective of personal predispositions, not embracing this idea is comparable to still persisting that the world is flat. 

Embracing social media and digital space has both positives and negatives for a visual artist who celebrates the face to face and organic interchange. Optimistically, I celebrate the idea that a simulation of work can reach audiences as never before, allowing interestingly different exchange of ideas and belief systems.

The experience of launching my first Virtual Exhibition live on Instagram last week was overwhelming as audiences around the world shared the event digitally. Encouraged by positive feedback, I hope to continue sharing virtual space in tandem with the real.

In marking this moment, I am starting work on paper to chart weekly musings and observations.


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