HOME AND HEARTH. 2012. Oil on canvas. 180x200cm

Mother's Day
March 14, 2021
Home and Hearth. 2012. Oil on canvas. 180x200cm
Home and Hearth. 2012. Oil on canvas. 180x200cm

I was fortunate to be born to an intelligent, eccentric, creative mother. Moving from country to country, adapting to different cultures and languages, my mother was the constant fulcrum for her children. Paulette Scialom’s monumental bronze sculptures are testimony to her power and courage. It is two years since her passing. Her spirit is ever present.


Probably because of many displacements, creating a safe haven is a powerful necessity to which I make reference in my work.

Our need for love, refuge and shelter is with us irrespective of age or gender.

The images of links and geometric abstractions in ‘Home and Hearth. 2012. Oil on canvas. 180x200cm’ for example, metaphorically refer to embracing interconnectedness, safe in rectilinear constructions....the boundaries required for evolution and growth.


Covid 19 has highlighted many issues. Statistics in lockdown have shown that the burden on mothers has been the greatest. Maintaining an equilibrium working both inside and outside the home or schooling their children, women’s capacity and resilience have been stretched to their limits.

The vigil last night for Sarah Everard, kidnaped and murdered by a male 48 year old policeman, is a clarion call to action from the individual to the State. Women/girls must be safe. Always. Re-educating men to healthy outcomes begins from the cradle. Both mothers and fathers share this fundamental responsibility as we are all vulnerable to violence and malintent.


So, this Sunday in the UK,  I hope that Mother’s Day will be celebrated with grace and gratitude in recognition of effort and unconditional love.




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