Hitchcock Henry, 2020. Charcoal, conte on paper. 107x76cm
May 10, 2021
Hitchcock Henry. 2020. Charcoal, conte on paper. 107x76cm
Hitchcock Henry. 2020. Charcoal, conte on paper. 107x76cm

Art has been a way for me to address many issues. We develop a narrative, a well of belief systems and ideas which feed our practice. I often wonder as artists we fall in love with our own mythologies, limiting ourselves, not risking delving deeper or more laterally. How do success or failure affect our real progress and evolution? I suspect that universally, it is part of the human condition. Irrespective of profession, holding up the mirror to self is not comfortable. Too often, ‘artspeak’ obfuscates, creating a false patination ensuring market success. In the end, it is time that probably sorts the wheat from the chaff.


With government Covid restrictions, walks outdoors felt different in streets devoid of traffic and crowds. Back in the studio, restricting myself to monochromatic explorations in charcoal on paper, I explored the potential of atmosphere and eeriness which the medium allowed. A parked car and tree subsequently created a filmic narrative reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s thrillers. Many other works, both in colour and black and white were to follow.

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